Todd Francis Wright

276 Greenpoint Avenue

Suite #1314

Brooklyn, NY 11222

(917) 346-40404


Inspired by the graffiti he saw growing up on the streets of New York, Todd paints abstracted snapshots from the urban environment on to canvas. His paintings are a combination of the architecture, the aesthetic of the city's landscape, and the kinetic energy that serve as a visual soundtrack to his daily life. Especially in his larger canvases, you can see the multi-layered, serendipitous formation of the tags and lines on the face of a building that rises above the city.  It is this juxtaposition of man-made orderly structures, seemingly unintelligible graffiti, and the expanse of the sky that give his paintings the depth we get to experience as a viewer. Todd is specifically interested in color theory and his practice is heavily informed by his second profession as a floral designer.  “I have learned more about the true nature of colors and composition arranging flowers than I have in art school,” he says of the learning curve. Everyday objects he collects from the street already find their way into his canvases as random surprises, such as a page from a dictionary, or a wrapping paper with a pattern he likes.  His most recent work explores the more textural elements of painting, while continuing to develop and apply "a delicate taste for the mixed media".

Todd is currently living and making art in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 


I am an American non-objective abstract painter, with a delicate taste for the mixed media. I like to work big, and I like to use color. My paintings exist as reflections , confessions, and commemorations of all that I know. The current body of work being produced deals with the relationships between graffiti and the urban landscape, street art, mark making, and the purity of paint application.